Time to Unwind Box

Time to Unwind Box


This box doesn’t include wine, but they will enjoy these gourmet delights and learn lots of tips, trivia and useful tips about wine. It is a wonderful birthday gift, new home or just because gift.


This LBB includes:

  • Wine Snob Book

  • Camembert Cheese Spread

  • Wine Chips

  • Box Product Details

    Stuff Every Wine Snob Should Know by Melissa Monosoff

    Wine is one of the world’s oldest beverages, and there’s never been a better time to fill a glass with the fruit of the vine. Seasoned sommeliers and budding oenologists alike will learn all things wine, including:

      • How Wine Is Made

      • How to Pour a Glass of Wine

      • How to Pair Wine with Food

      • The Truth About Sulfites

      • How to Bring the Perfect Wine for Any Occasion

      • And more!


    The Luxe Collection Camembert Cheese Spread

    This white cheddar and camembert cheese spread are so amazing!  Refrigerate after opening.

     3.75 oz.


    Wine Chips

    Premium Lattice-Cut Chips, The Boldest, cheesiest, easiest, most satisfying potato ship you'll ever have. Chips were born from three distinct loves:The love of wine, The love of cheese and The love of simplicity.

    1 oz.