The Men's Travel Kit Box

The Men's Travel Kit Box


For the man that is on the go, he needs something that’s primed for travel, roomy enough to fit all of his travel-sized essentials, and stylish.


This LBB includes:

  • Dopp Kit in Black

  • Toothbrush

  • Pre-shave Oil

  • After Shave Balm

  • Daily Protection 30 SPF

  • Lip Balm

  • Box Product Details

    Black Dopp Kit 

    This kit is perfectly styled with function; the wide opening allows him to easily access all of his toiletries. Details include: Top Zipper closure, Side carrying handle, Two inside wall pockets – one open, one zippered.

    Silver hardware Vegan leather Dimensions: 11’W x 5.5”H x 5”D



    Each handle is Organic Moso Bamboo, which is naturally antibacterial and non toxic. 

    Dimensions: L: 7.6 in  W: 1 in H: .63 in


    Pre-Shave Oil

    Massage a dropper full of this oil on your stubble to get your skin ready for the razor. 

    Net wt: 2.0 fl oz 


    After Shave Balm

    If shaving leaves your face irritated and flaky you'll find relief in this delightfully creamy balm. Olive oil and coconut oil combine to soothe and hydrate skin, while witch hazel adds a lovely cooling zing. Smooth a little on and you'll be ready to face the day. 

    Net wt: 3.0 oz


    GET MR Daily Protection 30 SPF

    Men need it to be super easy. The Daily is the first moisturizer, aftershave with mineral SPF all-in-one face lotion made to help you have your healthiest skin.


    GET MR Lip Balm 

    He will love having smoother lips in seconds. Dr. G developed The Balm as an all mineral moisturizing and UV defense chapstick all in one lip balm. Unlike other chapsticks, The Balm uses the safest mineral ingredient available, zinc oxide, while eliminating any white-cast or aftertaste. 

    Feel:Lightweight, moisturizing and soothing


    Active:  Zinc Oxide - 8%