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Loyalty As A Service

The Little Black Box® (LBB) knows that modern companies are in the business of scale. This means identifying ways to drive automation and efficiencies throughout your supply chain, including your employee and customer relationship management processes. Let LBB inject some personal touches back into your business, so that you can recognize those employees and customers that deserve to be honored with a personal gesture (a company “hug,” if you will) that says: YOU MATTER TO US.

Our approach is quite simple: help our clients create bespoke, meaningful, purposeful, and story-driven gift boxes to move the hearts and minds of those customers and employees that deserve to be recognized, increasing loyalty and motivation in the process. After all, your clients and customers are your most valuable assets!

LBB’s custom corporate gifting creates an emotional connection between your brand and the recipient. We hand-design the look, feel, and content of each box to make each recipient feel special, while bringing your brand to life with campaign-specific item selection and customizing each box to your company style guide. Choose from our pre-curated gift collection, or collaborate with us to design a custom gift - either way, we will go the extra mile to make it special. We can incorporate your brand colors, include your logo in the packaging, or even brand a product for you.

In a digital world where loyalty-inducing human connection is hard to come by, LBB helps companies tap back into the physical and personal. With handwritten notes and thoughtful gifts, an LBB box delivers the message: I CARE ABOUT YOU!

​Please contact us directly at before placing your order so we can meet all your desires!

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