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"Hear me as a woman"

“Hear me as a woman. Have me as your sister. On purpled battlefield breaking day, So I might say our victory is just beginning, See me as change, Say I am movement, That I am the year, and I am the era of the women.” - Amanda Gorman


International Women’s Day has grown in popularity and prominence worldwide since 2010 (its 100th anniversary). Politicians and celebrities increasingly draw attention to the day, while causes like the "Me Too" movement, and "Time’s Up" have given the day greater significance and urgency.

In 2019, the official United Nations theme for International Women’s Day was: Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change, and the organization’s theme is Balance for Better – focusing on creating a more gender-balanced world by celebrating women’s achievement, raising awareness against bias,

and taking action for equality.

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