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Building a Community through Reading

The Little Black Box® invites you to view our curated list of books with a purpose.

We have selected these books in hopes to inspire our community through books that offer grace, empathy, wisdom, kindness, knowledge, love and compassion.

Our hope is to ignite conversation with your family, neighbors, and co-workers to create meaningful conversation and a culture of reciprocity.

Read Across America is on Wednesday, March 2nd. National Education Association (NEA), launched Read Across America is the nation’s largest celebration of reading (1998). This year-round program focuses on motivating children and teens to read through events, partnerships, and reading resources that are about everyone, for everyone.

This annual reading motivation and awareness program calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading with the theme: Celebrating a Nation of Diverse Readers.

Please browse our library; we are sure you will find a few that may speak to you. Plus, each month we feature CITIZEN’S SOCIETY BOOK OF THE MONTH.

We know you will find the perfect book to your curate box and/or select a few for yourself.

Here’s our list of wonderful books to share with your children/grandchildren:

  • JUST HELP! How to Build a Better World by Justice Sonia Sotomayor This story is inspired by her own family’s desire to help others. She young readers on a journey through a neighborhood where kids and adults, activists and bus drivers, friends and strangers all help one another to build a better world for themselves and their community.

  • Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Boy by Emmanuel Acho It is an accessible book for children to learn about systemic racism and racist behavior. For the awkward questions, white and non-black parents don’t know how to answer, this book is an essential guide to help support communication on how to dismantle racism amongst our youngest generation.

  • Dyslexic Legends Alphabet Book by Beck Feiner From Albert Einstein to Agatha Christie, Pablo Picasso to JFK, Dyslexic Legends Alphabet presents an eye-opening and motivational A to Z of legends with dyslexia who have made their inspirational mark on our world. This book is a must- read for any child who may be struggling at school or feel like their dyslexia is holding them back from achieving greatness.

  • ECO Legends Alphabet Book by Beck Feiner From Al Gore to Jane Goodall, Jane Fonda to Ingrid Newkirk, Eco Legends Alphabet presents an inspirational A to Z of those who have stood proudly and defiantly beside Mother Earth. Lovingly illustrated and informatively written, Eco Legends Alphabet is the perfect title for any lover of nature, or anyone joining the movement that will define our era.

Here’s more books you or a friend would enjoy:

  • Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man by Emmanuel Acho "This book from the former NFL player and current Fox Sports analyst provides a new voice in the dialogue about racism." - Washington Post

  • The Mamba Mentality: How I Played by Kobe Bryant “Kobe knew that to be the best you need a different approach from everyone else … Enjoy this magnificent book. I have no doubt that you will be inspired.” - Pau Gasol

  • Humans by Brandon Stanton "Just when we need it, Humans remind us what it means to be human . . . one of the most influential art projects of the decade." - Washington Post

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