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August Entrepreneur of the Month

Our August Entrepreneurs of the month are Holly and Gina Valente of Marilyn & Olive Media. Founded during the peak of Covid, they saw the need for local businesses to succeed on social media and knew they could help. After years of building their own personal brands on instagram and freelancing for local businesses, the two sisters combined forces. With over ten years of experience they created their own social media agency.

Holly, who has a degree in Public Relations and Journalism, has always loved creating compelling stories for brands. Gina graduated with a degree in International Relations and loved traveling. Together they created the brands Girls Gone Hungry and Moody Cabin Girl; both of which quickly reached viral fame. Their Instagram pages have been featured on AirBNB, Good Housekeeping, and more. They’ve also worked with national brands like Chipotle, USA Today, Kraft Foods, Lenders Bagels, and Quicken Loans.

Through years of hard work they mastered engagement, hashtag hacks, and how to create eye-catching, viral content through photography and video. They apply these tried and true techniques to build social media accounts for their clients on instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and more! ⁠

Their current client list includes some of Detroit’s most popular and nationally recognized restaurants like Sugar House Bar, Wright & Company, Bad Luck Bar and more! They also work with e-commerce brands like The Little Black Box and local markets like The Rust Belt in Ferndale, MI.

Their love for Detroit and local businesses allows them to connect to their clients on a personal level and push for their success. They hope their success inspires other women to work together and create the work culture they would hope to work with and at!

Check them out on IG: @marilynandolivemedia @girlsgonehungry @moodycabingirl

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