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Kristin A. Meekhof is an author, life coach, writer and obtained her M.S.W. from the University of Michigan. She has more than 20 years of clinical experience. A nationally recognized expert on resiliency and gratitude, her best-selling book, A Widow’s Guide to Healing, was inspired by her own personal experience with widowhood, grief, and healing. A Korean-American adoptee, she was left on the streets of Korea as an infant. She came to the US in 1974 and became a naturalized citizen. She is a life- coach with clients throughout the United States. As a confidential advisor, she privately works with some of the most influential people in media and politics. Kristin graduated from Kalamazoo College with a BA in psychology, and received her master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan.


In September of 2021, Kristin created a mental health video for the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. In March of 2020, Kristin created a wellness guide for Katie Couric’s newsletter to help keep people calm during this time of social distancing. The guide is available on Katie Couric’s YouTube Channel and on Kristin’s Medium profile. Also, for Katie, Kristin wrote “8 Ways to Manage Your Coronavirus Related Anxiety” which was featured in CNN’s Newsletter as well. Kristin was interviewed as a wellness expert on CNN’s New Day morning show (live) on March 19, 2020. Later that year, she contributed video content to the PIxar/ University of Michigan Coursera collaboration.

Kristin created and curated content for Deepak Chopra’s 31- Day Gratitude Journal and was named an “Architect of Change” by Maria Shriver. Kristin has spoken at Harvard Medical School, the United Nations and the University of Michigan Medical School. She was a panelist at the Parliament of World Religions.

Kristin wrote about the healing power of gratitude for the Live Happy book (Harper Elixir) , and has written for the newsletters of Katie Couric and Maria Shriver. Kristin’s work has appeared in Katie Couric Media, “Live Happy” magazine (online), “Organic Spa” magazine, Elephant Journal, Huffington Post. She has been interviewed as a grief expert by CNN (live), “Today” show (online), “People” magazine (online), “The Chicago Tribune”, “The Doctor Nandi Show” (aired May 2020), American Greetings (card company), and quoted in “Architectural Digest” (online), “Reader’s Digest”, “Success Magazine” and Inc. Kristin has been seen in “USA Today”, “Redbook” magazine, “Detroit Free Press”, Yahoo Health with Katie Couric, among others.

Kristin’s best- selling book “A Widow’s Guide to Healing” received support from Dr. Deepak Chopra, Maria Shriver, Katie Couric, Dr. Mark Hyman , Pulitzer Prize winning author Doris Kearns- Goodwin, Lord Loomba, CBE, Elizabeth Gilbert, among others. Contact Kristin at


Malery Vinal , founder of Graffiti Library. Graffiti Library is a liaison for artists and consumers, with a mission to create a brand that houses artists, exposes them to new opportunities, and oversees the business side of deals - giving artists more freedom to do what they do best: create. Graffiti Library is committed to being a positive influence in the art community by bringing people together through ongoing projects and events.

Graffiti Library is the result of Malery Vinal’s creative vision. The West Hollywood, CA resident gained a passion for interior design and art while embarking on a real estate career shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 2012 from Greensboro, North Carolina. Combined with her keen eye was a desire to work with budding creatives. She realized that so many brilliantly skilled artists either lacked the basic business skills to gain exposure, or they wanted to devote their time to creating rather than seeking management. Vinal began visiting various parts of the world to inspire what would soon become Graffiti Library. Most notably, she went on a mission trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with actress and activist AnnaLynne McCord and anti-trafficking advocate, Somaly Mam.


In 2017, shortly following the trip, Vinal launched what was merely a side hustle. She broke into her business with the release of her Summer Series candles, enlisting the artwork expertise of Bryden Lando. The debut collection focused first and foremost on Cambodia, followed by several other locations Vinal connected with deeply upon visiting. 

Vinal's passion project gave her the opportunity to connect with rising artists, turning their designs into high-end home and office decor, while exposing their skills to her vast variety of contacts. Since, the brand has flourished into an artist management company, while simultaneously curating art for other venues. This includes an upcoming venture at Landon Cole furniture in Los Angeles. Vinal also hosts a quarterly gallery party at the Graffiti Library House nestled deep in the Hollywood Hills. The event features new and established artists, bringing the community together to embrace the craft. 

As recently as Spring 2021, Vinal ventured to Bali for three months, where she connected with skilled natives. These natural-born artists lent their talents to the designs of GL’s new high-quality calf leather journals and evil eye bracelets—both of which were manufactured using traditional Balinese methods and equipment. To many of the designers, these were the first employment opportunities offered since COVID-19.

Locally, Vinal launched a coaster collaboration with Miami artist, Jared Ryan Shaw. She also had a successful run with Australian L.A.-based artist, Sahara Novotna, who teamed up for a provocative lip series candle collection. The entrepreneur also showcases established and rising talent on her blog, where she’s featured everyone from Loot founder and wildly successful entrepreneur Joseph Einhorn, to Madonna’s fashion-forward artist pal Julian Prolman.

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Cathy Marshall aka CaDori is the Founder of CaDori Helping Hands, Inc. A non-profit charity which focuses on helping those in need of everyday essential living items such as food, clothing and toiletries. But CaDori also helps the homeless population, domestic violence victims and women who are unable to pay for a mammogram. 

CaDori has a special place in her heart for the homeless population because she was once homeless herself. Prior to becoming a Nurse, over 30 years ago she lived in a shelter with her toddler daughters after leaving an abusive marriage. Having to rely on good-hearted people, she promised to one day be able to help others in need the way she was being helped.



She is the mother of five, she is one of 13 siblings, born in Birmingham, Alabama, a Registered Nurse, a Philanthropist a #1 Amazon best selling Author, and the owner of “I LOVE ME” clothing apparel. 

She coined the name CaDori by combining her name Cathy, with her mother’s name Doris, and her oldest son Bobby whose nickname was Dougie. Dougie passed away in a motorcycle accident on October 12, 2010. So the name CaDori has very special meaning to her.


CaDori Helping Hands, Inc was founded in July 2017, just weeks prior to Hurricane Harvey. After Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston and surrounding cities and states, CaDori Helping Hands, Inc went into action and helped hundreds of people with everything from food and water to baby supplies, to household cleaning supplies to paying for hotel rooms and transportation for people in need.  CaDori states that it was as if she was being led by God to form her charity at that specific time to be able to help people in desperate need. 


Since it’s formation, CaDori Helping Hands, Inc has continued to help people in need, including through organizations like The Rose in Houston, Texas. CaDori Helping Hands, Inc has given donations to The Rose for the past 3 years, to help women who can’t afford to pay for a mammogram receive a free mammogram. 

As a Registered Nurse CaDori has seen first hand the heart breaking affects that breast cancer has on the patients she has taken care of and their families. And she is committed to helping assist The Rose in the prevention of breast cancer by providing free mammograms to the women who cannot afford to pay and would otherwise not receive the mammogram. And to increase the survival of those who are diagnosed with breast cancer.


CaDori Helping Hands, Inc helps to contribute to The Rose by donating 10% of all of her “I LOVE ME” apparel sales during the month of October every year, and during the pandemic, last year was no different. In fact, during the pandemic, even more women needed assistance due to massive job loss. 


CaDori Helping Hands, Inc also provides meals to hundreds of families every Thanksgiving and gives away new winter coats to those who need them every winter. CaDori continues to be an advocate and educate the community on serious matters such as: Bullying and Domestic Violence, both of which she has personally experienced and survived.


Because of her compassion for helping others in need and her continued commitment to improve the lives of others Cathy CaDori Marshall was Honored with her very own day in the City of Houston this year! Mayor Sylvester Turner has signed the proclamation that on January 27, 2021, and every January 27th thereafter as Cathy Marshall Day in the City of Houston, Texas!


To find out more about CaDori and CaDori Helping Hands, Inc, please follow her on all social media platforms @cadoribrand and @cadorihelpinghands. 


And visit her websites: and and


You can also reach CaDori via email: and

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